HaloValve Natural Gas Safety Breakaway Technology Approved by AGA

A new white paper from the American Gas Association (AGA) lists the approved steps that can be taken to prevent damage to natural gas meters via vehicle impact, negligence, ground settlement, damaged protective devices and acts of nature. The use of breakaway fittings that feature an engineered "weak link" are recognized by the AGA as an acceptable way to increase the level of safety and protection for gas meters - and the HaloValve utilizes patented breakaway technology to instantly seal the line following an impact incident, which prevents the potentially dangerous flow and accumulation of gas until the line can be repaired.

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Addressing Natural Gas Meter Risks for Residential Areas

Homes and apartments come in a variety of options, but many of these residential properties have one thing in common - they use natural gas as an energy source. For those that use natural gas, they will always have a natural gas meter. It serves as an essential fuel monitor and distributor for furnaces, stoves and water heaters.

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HaloValve Helps Improve Safety by Reducing Natural Gas-Leak Risks

There was a time when a driveaway incident at a retail, commercial or private service station - whether attended or unattended - could put the safety of the fueling operation at risk. If a distracted driver were to pull away from the fueling island with the nozzle still in the vehicle’s fuel pipe, it would have most likely resulted in a dislodged or toppled fuel dispenser.

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HaloValve is Here to Help Farm Taps Face Threat of Leaks

Natural gas meters and their associated supply lines are critical pieces of hardware that distribute an abundant energy source. The problem is this essential hardware is susceptible to damage, the results of which can be minor to severe.

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Keeping Natural Gas Consumption Safe at Commercial Facilities

Natural gas serves as an energy lifeblood to commercial properties and businesses. It provides an abundant and affordable energy source to keep operations running smoothly and effectively.

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OPW Engineered Systems Launches HaloValve Natural Gas Safety Breakaway to Address Gas Meter Impact Leaks

OPW Engineered Systems, a natural gas equipment manufacturer working closely with GTI to improve the safety of this utility, has introduced the HaloValve natural gas safety breakaway, which creates a clean break between meter and riser and immediately seals the gas line in the event of a gas meter impact leak.

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Natural Gas Safety Breakaway awarded the 2018 Innovation Award National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC) Task Force

OPW Engineered Systems to Exhibit at AGA Operations Conference April 27-30, 2021, Gaylord Palms 6000 West Osceola Parkway Kissimmee, Florida